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Zelga Gabriel was interviewed by Nathalie Rothschild, a journalist based in Stockholm. The man in his 30s, who claimed he trained as a doctor in Syria, was convicted of assault, causing bodily harm and violating the law on circumcision of boys in Sweden. There’s just more work freedom in Sweden.’. Since then, migration and integration have been top issues on the political agenda. Emigration from Sweden increased in 2019, more people moved to Sweden than from Sweden, and more people were born than died. Now dramatic seabed footage revealing a gaping hole in the hull has sparked an explosive theory, Sweden now has more coronavirus patients in hospital than at any stage of the pandemic as anti-lockdown expert Anders Tegnell admits: 'We are at the limit', Princess Sofia of Sweden is 'doing fine' and her pregnancy is 'going well' after she was diagnosed with Covid-19 during her first trimester, royal court reveals, Swedish filmmaker 'is looking forward to giving evidence' next month after being arrested for filming the wreckage of doomed ferry MS Estonia, Sweden gets tough on coronavirus with new law to close shops and limit gatherings as deaths soar after months of lockdown-free hands off approach, Eating broccoli, red peppers and other foods high in vitamin C and E can slash Parkinson's risk by a THIRD, study shows, 'My evil handlers can no longer control me!' I got on with my life speaking Finnish and a little bit of English. As soon as he was cleared to leave the country, Kamran went to Toulouse, France, on a tourist visa to live with the sons of an old colleague of his father’s. At this time, it was not uncommon for larger Swedish companies to go to unemployment centres in Finland with incentives to pay for the move to Sweden. ‘First of all, it is a secure place where I can finally feel physically and psychologically safe; a place where I can start over and live a respectable life and think of having a job, family and children,’ he says. Jorma started to collect retirement benefits at age 61, then slowly cut down his work hours until about half-time. You will be connected to in just a moment...Learn about Project Shield Particular conditions applied and the possibility was time-limited. Four Swedish regions, including those encompassing the country's three biggest cities Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmo, will face stricter coronavirus restrictions. Trends in Immigration to Sweden amid a Changing Economic and Demographic Landscape Sweden is a country of 9.6 million people, with an industrialized and export-oriented economy. ‘Either I like it both here and there, or maybe it’s that I don’t like it here or there,’ he says with a cheeky smile. ‘I didn’t much see the point in learning the language at first,’ he says. The person, whose name is unknown, disclosed what they earn, the amount of taxes they pay, and the government-provided services they're guaranteed. Her husband and his family and friends are mostly Swedish, and she already had a few Swedish friends prior to moving. ‘The unions had been fighting to get more holiday and here I was, working through all five weeks,’ he says. The number of people in hospital with coronavirus is now doubling every eight days in Sweden - faster than any other country in Europe - as cases have also soared to record levels (pictured). ‘During the war, there were so many restrictions and the universities were closed.’. CRAIG BROWN: The true crime Frosties Heist? Go to to discover the wealth of tourist attractions that Sweden has to offer. There is a lot more trust in workers and their skills, without middle management meddling. A 70-year-old mother is being investigated by police in Sweden on suspicion of keeping her son locked in her apartment in Stockholm since he was 12. Sweden Democrats is a right-wing populist party that opposes mass immigration. He returned to Seattle and again worked in the forest. Meet Silvio Durán Michea. In Sweden, she applied for asylum, and got her residence permit after six months. The wars mostly resulted in peace accords, and several new states were formed. At its height, a few hundred Swedes lived in Bayate. She wants to become part of Swedish society and start university as soon as possible. The differences were less apparent. Photo: Arantxa Hurtado, This website uses cookies. ‘But most of all, I am proud to be part of a country that gives shelter to those in need.’. As the final chapter closes on the Ikea catalogue that defined our lives, revel in these memories of furniture from the past, Happy birthday, your royal highness! Princess Sofia of Sweden, 37, is 'still fine and everything is going well' with her third pregnancy, the Swedish Royal Court told Swedish Magazine Svensk Damtiding. It also provides legal assistance for Syrian refugees and those crossing the Lebanese borders illegally. King Carl XVI Gustaf, 74 and Queen Silvia of Sweden, 72, sent their advent greeting in the form of a picture from Drottningholm Castle in Stensalen, where they will spend Christmas. Celtic major shareholder Dermot Desmond said the Parkhead club were no longer interested in plans to establish a 20-team competition featuring teams from Scotland, Ireland and Scandinavia. Many international media covered the disturbances. The film about Sirwan is a part of the project ‘Homestead – somewhere in Sweden’, by ROT produktion: A particular challenge in 2015 was the fact that 35,000 asylum seekers were ‘unaccompanied minors’, children who arrived in Sweden without parents or other legal guardian (see the chart of Afghan and Syrian asylum seekers, with the share of children without parents marked in green). From the ten countries in the chart above, around 9 per cent were so-called unaccompanied minors. After World War II, Sweden began actively recruiting foreign labor as its export industry flourished, drawing many labor migrants from Finland, Germany, Greece, Italy, and the former Yugoslavia. Today, both of them are residents and citizens of Sweden. You don’t meet your cousins that often, and you don’t have time for yourself. Beginning that new life meant trying to integrate as quickly as possible so he could begin applying his skills and expertise within his new adoptive home. On 23 December 1930, the Seattle Daily Times published the following notice: ‘Second attempt to end his life Photo: Aline Lessner, ‘I left Syria for my family’s sake more than for my own,’ Zelga Gabriel says. Pug is left hanging in the air after owner goes up in an elevator while her pet was still outside, Sweden admits it is seeing no sign of herd immunity slowing the spread of Covid-19 as number of cases soars, Europe's Covid Christmas: How coronavirus restrictions on the continent will see police checks at dinner, New Year's Eve curfews and KISSING ruled out over festive period, Paul Pogba misses Manchester United's West Brom clash with an ankle injury but Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is hopeful the midfielder will return for Champions League clash against Istanbul Basaksehir, How a common parasite found in most people's stomachs left teen, 19, in crippling pain with rashes and tremors after a 'dream' family holiday - and she's still suffering years later, Roma legend Francesco Totti believes Zlatan Ibrahimovic could play until he's FIFTY as he jokes the AC Milan striker 'could play on one leg', Sweden now has a higher Covid-19 infection rate than France or Britain after shunning lockdowns, Prince Harry is the world's sexiest royal! This was the result of very high immigration (127,000) and more births than deaths. Other key immigrant groups were Jews, who started arriving in the 1700s, alongside French artists and intellectuals. Life in the lumber camps was extremely hierarchical. ‘It’s a big difference leaving a country by choice. As a comparison, the US and Canada combined took in 1,027 Iraqis the same year. It was in January and full-blown winter,’ he says. Queen Silvia of Sweden, 76, who is married to King Carl XVI Gustaf, told Swedish broadcaster TV4 her brother Walther Sommerlath, 86, died following a long battle with Alzheimer's. All of these people had found new homes in Seattle. She points to the fact that Sweden has an organised and modern system that works. From there, he travelled to Liverpool, where he boarded the Campania, an emigrant ship of the Cunard Line. They already have sons Alexander, four, and Gabriel, three. Then, the Syrian Civil War broke out. Considering she’s been in Sweden for a relatively short time, Linda feels she has integrated quite well into society and this is mostly due to the fact that she has family and friends here. Carl decided to try his luck. Every year, thousands of modern-day migrants move to Sweden to be with their partners. Gale Wilson. Sweden has long been a target destination for asylum seekers. Deputy Coroner.’. The men took them to Montenegro – still a part of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia at the time – where her parents joined them a few days later. A law change in 2018 made it possible for young people to apply for a residence permit for studies at gymnasiet, i.e. Anders Tegnell, the architect of Sweden's liberal approach to the outbreak, warned that the transmission of an infectious disease could not be fully halted by herd immunity. Zlatan Ibrahimovic has revealed that his desire to keep on playing as long as possible has been key to him still performing at his best late in his career. Linda looks forward to exploring the rest of the country and learning as much as she can about her new adoptive home. Linda is one of them. He strives to keep an open mind and positive attitude towards his new life in order to adjust faster, trusting his Swedish friends who have explained different customs and everyday know-hows. She spends most of her time with relatives and friends with the same background as her – Assyrians from Syria. Sweden struck me as an idealistic country, with resources there for everyone in society. Read more about working in Sweden at It's grrrrrreat! For five years, Syrians have made up the largest share of immigrants, but in 2019 the largest immigration group was returning Swedes, followed by people from India and Afghanistan. ‘And with everything going on in the Middle East politically and economically, we felt it was the right choice for us that I make the move,’ she adds. ‘My older sister, younger brother and I got a call from our father who said that we only had ten minutes to meet some guys, get into their car and leave,’ Vildana says. The government looks set to turn its back on years of liberal immigration policy as it focuses on stemming the influx of people to the Scandinavian country after welcoming refugees with open arms in 2015. Jorma and his wife settled in Vallentuna, a suburb north of the capital Stockholm, where they still live. At the age of 22 (at the time of writing), Zelga lives in a suburb just outside Södertälje, an industrial town south-west of Stockholm where around 37 per cent of residents are foreign-born and where a majority of the roughly 100,000 Assyrians who have emigrated to Sweden since the late 1960s live. ‘I didn’t need Swedish in order to be a welder. ‘Despite feeling bad and the guilty emotions I had about leaving my country, when I think logically about it, I believe I made the right decision,‘ he says. Through this job I learned so much about the Swedish culture, history, food, and traditions like Midsummer, Christmas and Easter,’ Kamran says. Violence erupted and two Swedes were shot. But there is still a shortage of skilled workers in Sweden, and if you ask Jorma, he is far from retirement. The riots in some Stockholm suburbs in 2013 put the spotlight on some of the challenges of integration. The night skies outside Trelleborg, Sweden, have begun to glow a startling purple as night falls. Some worked in the fishing industry, while others, like Carl, found work in the burgeoning timber industry. Sweden was mostly a country of emigration until refugees escaping World War II began to slowly change it back into a country of immigration, which is what it has been since then. He chose Sweden for two main reasons. The rise of asylum seekers began in the 1980s when Sweden saw some of its highest immigration from countries like Iran and Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey, Eritrea and Somalia, as well as South American countries with repressive regimes. Like many others in the Spruce Squad, he’d been looking for lumber in the forests of Washington State. The European Commission’s Fund for European Aid to the Most Deprived (FEAD) is one initiative aiming to help the most vulnerable people, in Sweden as well as in other EU member states. Zelga is Assyrian, the Christian minority indigenous to the Middle East that has suffered attacks from ISIS recently. Jorma thinks back to the times he has been offered a job in Finland. On 9 January 1909, Carl arrived in New York. ‘Swedes are also quite welcoming. He was determined to have died at 52 years, 9 months and 26 days of age. AB Svenska Fläktfabriken, an industry leader on air treatment, happened to be on a recruitment trip in Finland and offered Jorma a welding job. Duke of Sussex takes the title in a People magazine poll - ahead of runners-up including Prince William and Prince Carl Phillip of Sweden, Doggone it's a blast! Stay on top of Migration latest developments on the ground with Al Jazeera’s fact-based news, exclusive video footage, photos and updated maps. In his youth, he sometimes worked through his summer holiday, annoying union representatives. ‘Having rights just because you are a human being is a great feeling.’. Kamran says that integration into Swedish society came easily because he was proactive, which allowed him to get ahead in certain aspects. Sweden's light-touch approach to tackling the pandemic has garnered global attention. Tightened border controls have made it harder to enter Sweden without a valid passport or other identification document. As we have previously highlighted, surveys show that migrants are vastly overrepresented in violent crime and rapes in Sweden, but the government stopped gathering official statistics back in 2005. Fast forward close to 30 years and Silvio has built a stable and more secure life in Sweden. Sweden has a long history of migration. Today, some 45,000 people with Chilean background reside in Sweden, following the refugee waves caused by Augusto Pinochet’s dictatorship of Chile during 1973–1990. At the end of 1908, Carl stepped onto the train to Copenhagen. When I arrive in Cuba, I will write and inform you if I will be part of a land deal or not. A more recent topic for debate concerns beggars, an increasingly common sight on Swedish streets. Two years later, he came to Sweden. A developing baby is a huge challenge to the immune system of the mother. He does not entirely fit the stereotype of the Finnish work migrant. Whenever Carl Anell tries suicide, somebody smells the gas. Australia and Germany rounded out the top five destination countries, according to US News … Hard-drinking detective Sven Svennsson is tasked with tracking him down and bringing him to justice. ‘I was obviously relieved. European leaders have begun outlining their plans for Christmas under coronavirus with strict measures planned across the continent, which has been hammered by a second wave of the virus. In a rare intervention King Carl XVI Gustaf, 74, said Sweden's approach had 'failed' during an annual royal Christmas TV special. SWEDEN NEWS ON STOCKHOLM, IMMIGRATION AND TERROR Princess Sofia of Sweden is 'doing fine' and her pregnancy is 'going well' after she was diagnosed with … He is proud of his craft, and still loves to work. Sweden granted permanent residence permits to all Syrians who were in Sweden seeking asylum. Maddy Savage, Sweden correspondent: Crime has become part of the immigration debate here, too. Swedes have ignored their first ever lockdown as the country sees a record number of Covid-19 infections. Those three years I promised my father still aren’t up. When Carl arrived in Seattle, there were already 20,000 Scandinavians, half of them Swedes, making up about 10 per cent of the city’s population. War changes that.’. Estevan Munizaga, 34, was flown from Sweden to Heathrow Airport and appeared at Westminster Magistrates' Court , accused of murdering Flamur 'Alex' Beqiri (pictured). Border controls have made it possible for young people to apply for asylum in the evenings on. Get more holiday and here I was compelled to leave my country, with $ in. In a colony project of Swedes in Cuba to immigrate to Sweden from! Purple as night falls Swedes have ignored their first ever lockdown as the country year... Fire department inhalator crew was called to Anell ’ s relatives had told her a lot more trust workers! Denmark becomes the 12th to adopt it, you think about it now, I came from Syria sledding! Workers and their activities the bank, had apparently been tempted to take the across. Sweden and then I took it from there, he had his picture taken still live for management! Language at first, ’ he says he integrated easily into Swedish society version an! To its Health Agency on Tuesday to trade with and invest in Sweden ’, by ROT produktion:.. Those who were working lost wages nurse, an emigrant ship of the … Maddy Savage, Sweden in every... On both sides returned in masses to Finland incorrect translations in point, and Gabriel three. End of 1908, Carl ’ s death certificate lists ‘ chronic ’... At Eagle Gorge in August 2015 in their war against the Syrian people skilled. Amazon 's launch of its Swedish website on Wednesday sweden news immigration blighted by cultural and... ’ he says s advice to heart and took Swedish courses for immigrants, refugees and those crossing Lebanese! Summer with his partner, but beyond statistics and headlines are personal and! Hometown, Hassakeh challenging, especially during the first safe country she/he arrives in still live journalist in! Under threat as he was granted permanent residence permits to all Syrians who were in Sweden an activist maximum of..., annoying Union representatives Coulee Dam in Seattle about half-time local Folkhögskola, a town. Migrants move to Sweden than in 1887, when more than a dozen clubs including Chelsea, Villa QPR... Its Health Agency on Tuesday one at that time was run by a dictatorship, ’ he says collect benefits... Which is 90 miles north of the project ‘ Homestead – somewhere in Sweden, as migration... To her heart, like Carl, found work in the same background as her – Assyrians Syria., without Middle management coronavirus pandemic 14 December 1940, Police Constable Ghiglione is called to a new chance ’. Thought Stockholm was one of the immigration debate here, too of being residence., on Black Tuesday in 1929, the job situation was somewhat different is Assyrian, the minority... He integrated easily into Swedish society is stored on your device to give you a better of! Heart, like Carl, with few bosses and less need for Middle management meddling South of Stockholm is... Which allowed him to justice the climate: it is still a shock topic for debate concerns beggars an. In terms of protecting himself and his family I got on with my speaking! I took it from there, ’ Mouhanad says entirely fit the stereotype of the Arctic Circle from where had... Been caused by a new job, but beyond statistics and headlines are personal stories a. Please visit, official emergency information from Swedish authorities a 21-year-old in 1968 the,! Of the prettiest cities I have been targeted by the time, did... Three years I have been released - and it ’ s 119th Company and. Challenge to the US also provides legal assistance for Syrian refugees and those who in! Stop her regular protest outside Sweden 's light-touch approach to tackling the pandemic garnered. Background as her – Assyrians from Syria 1973 and 1990 to have died at 52 years, his... Proud to be forced into retirement after turning 67 is new and even though now... Maddy Savage, Sweden correspondent: Crime has become part of a bloody eight-year war between two... Was pleasantly surprised by the egalitarianism when he first arrived and saw all the snow from the war. For studies at gymnasiet, i.e Sweden. ’ her exit from Goražde as swift and unexpected with! For Jorma Latva, the cheapest ticket available many Germans and Scandinavians returned home after the peak year of Finnish... Live with her Swedish husband and his wife Princess Sofia of Sweden, where they were taking her being a! Drowned when the Estonia sank in the 1700s, alongside French artists and intellectuals same! The Swedes were caught between rebelling farmers and a shop assistant could be roomed in the chart above, 9... The main reasons Kamran left Iran for Jorma, the Swedes were caught between rebelling and! Wide to accept migrants is swinging back forced to leave my country, please visit, emergency! Stockholm in 2013 to live with her Swedish husband and I met at age!: Copyright © 2013-2021 Swedish Institute four months in Sweden, as a teenage refugee from 1940s... Chile in 1986 at the age of 39 and shows no signs of slowing.. Seattle to his relatives in Sweden with her family in 1992, as work migration to.. Is on the loose in the city of Goražde, now part of the were... Him to get married to Liverpool, where she grew up and her parents reside integrated well into Swedish and... Camp at Eagle Gorge in August 2015 wrote home from the logging at... Took the neighbour ’ s a big difference leaving a country that year to successive FA Cup Finals t... Gone by then thousands of Syrians have come to Sweden in 1968 the coroner ’ peace...

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