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Sherwin-Williams Gray Screen - 7071 / #c6caca Hex Color Code. It's often considered the perfect "greige" becuase it stays relatively true to color without stark undertones. It has an LRV of 53 which isn’t the lightest of cool colors. Agreeable Gray is a paint color that has a taupe undertone. It's a nice blend of gray and beige, aka greige. Sherwin Williams has a list of their 50 most popular shades, and it is a great way to see what colors are trending. It is a versatile gray that works well with both warm and cool tones. HGTV HOME by Sherwin-Williams Gray Screen Interior Paint Sample (Half Pint) Item #1185289 Model #HGSW1467. A great place to start is Sherwin Williams Riverway or the slightly more green Benjamin Moore Caribbean Teal and from there you can add more gray if you want an even more muted look. Short answer, everywhere. SW Silver Strand has blue/green undertones. You can look at SW Silverplate. "It relaxes me just by thinking about it!" SW Morning Fog is considered a medium cool gray color. Hue Family Gray Screen SW 7071. This gray has a touch more red than green and blue, but is overall neutral. SW Ellie Gray has blue undertones and an LRV of 40. It is a darker gray paint color and is more on the gray side. Bathrooms are supposed to feel relaxing and stress-free. Help spread the word. The LRV (Light Reflective Value) is 59, so it reflects more than half of the light and is light enough for most rooms. This Sherwin Williams cool gray has a very spa- like feel to it. Grays with a blue/green undertone tend to be a bit warmer (because of the green) than other grays. Find the perfect paint colors and products for your project It’s currently THE MOST POPULAR paint shade in Sherwin Williams entire collection. ... Sherwin Williams. Let me put out a disclaimer before we really hop into it. I conveniently have a list of the 16 best Sherwin Williams cool gray paint colors prepared and ready to go. In the HSL color space #c6caca has a hue of … And as an aside, the color undertone of your trim will also affect the gray. It stays on the light side of a mid-tone gray, and shows beautifully against white trim and white furniture. Depending on the exposure, Sliver Strand can look either blue or green. To sum it up, I truly feel as though these are some of the best Sherwin Williams cool gray paint colors. Grey is a go-to neutral paint color, but many people do not realize how many shades of grey there really are. I was wondering if you’ve ever used SW Magnetic Gray? Its LRV is 57 keeping it in the light color ranges. If you have not seen any grays from Sherwin Williams that you liked, check out the most popular grays from Benjamin Moore. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Sherwin Williams Light French Gray vs Sherwin Williams On The Rocks SW On The Rocks (SW 7671) has an LRV of 62, automatically making it a tad lighter than Light French Gray. Sherwin Williams Serious Gray has an LRV of only 23. It is very important to pay attention to undertones when choosing a gray … Quantity. Like I said not the lightest cool gray paint color. Other Sherwin Williams warm grays to consider might be Agreeable Gray, Repose Gray or Mindful Gray. When talking about this gray paint, there are several important things you need to know. The hexadecimal color code #c6caca is a light shade of cyan. Check out this must-have painting tool used by our painting crewBUY THIS PAINTING TOOL. (Are you sick of me saying this yet?) Color Faux-[Sherwin Williams Paint] SW 7071 Gray Screen (#c1cacb) on different backgrounds. It’s certainly darker than Olympus White but it has the same undertone. On-screen and printer color representations may vary from actual paint colors. I want you to make sure you are 100% sure you love a paint color before going forward. Yup, they are loud and proud. Now’s a good time to pause and talk about something serious- PAINT SAMPLES. It is fabulous! However, it’s a good bit of information to know before settling on a paint color. Sherwin-Williams Useful Gray - 7050 / #cfcabd Hex Color Code. Silverpointe is another gorgeous cool gray paint color. Keep in mind that different printers, paper, materials, and digital screens may render these color recommendations differently than others. It’s also considered to be a light paint color and has an LRV of 61. We mostly had SW since our painter said that is the brand he highly recommended and they can do it in the No VOC option. Your Cart SW fleur de Del has a blue-green undertone. Click OK to extend your time for an additional 30 minutes. Greige is HUGE now with the farmhouse-style movement started by Joanna Gaines. Save time! I’m not saying this to discourage or scare you away from cool-toned grays. Get the best painting supplies available! This is important because every space is different. Match My Paint Color is a tool to match paint colors between the major paint manufacturers: PPG, Behr, Sherwin-Williams, Valspar, Benjamin Moore and Farrow & Ball. Shall we? Here’s Gray Screen SW 7071 by Sherwin-Williams in context of its Hue Family neighborhood, 6 BG (Blue-Green) on The Color Strategist Color Wheel.The pink arrows point to where Gray Screen SW 7071 fits in among the other colors according to its Value 8.05 rounded to 8.00 and Chroma of 0.26 rounded to 0.25. Sherwin Williams Peppercorn is a dark gray tone sharing high similarities with classic charcoal. Repose Gray by Sherwin Williams (#7015) is a warm gray that has taken the internet world by storm, with many bloggers and homeowners dubbing it the perfect shade of gray. Best Sherwin Williams Grey and Greige Paint Colours. Not the darkest of cool gray colors yet not the lightest either. Front Porch is next to Lattice in the Sherwin Williams paint deck. Hi there, can you comment on whether cool vs warm grey walls work better with natural red oak flooring (which is a light wood, with slight pink undertones). Sherwin Williams claims that this is their most popular paint shade. Gray screen is a true gray…and is often the shade that looks the most “gray” to people. Its slight crispness and purity, when stained on walls, can absolutely do wonders! They are amazing paint color options and if you remember to consider lighting, exposure, fixed room elements, non-fixed element, and even what’s outside your windows, I’m confident you can find a Sherwin Williams cool gray that works for you. It is a darker gray paint color and is more on the blue side, but it works very well with dark brown flooring. However, there are also the trickiest, and most terrifying paint colors to try and choose. Anew Gray, SW7030, would be considered a warm gray, neither a full gray nor a full beige, but somewhere bang in the middle. Lattice is a soft gray that is of course cool-toned however it’s warmer than some of the other Sherwin Williams cool grays on this list. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Gray Screen is actually Sherwin Williams’ #1 color. Sherwin Williams Gray Paint Colors Home-buyers are continuing to express that gray colors are their preferred interior paint color. Just out of a fairy tale – this subtle gray is bound to take your breath away! 4 years ago. SW Mindful Gray is a shade darker than Repose Gray and a shade lighter than Dorian Gray. Gray screen interior paint sample allows you to try designer-inspired colors before painting the entire room, perfect for finding the right match to suit your personal style. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. Its LRV is sitting wonderfully high at 72. You cannot help but feel relaxed when in its presence. We learned earlier that Black-colored text should be used on a #c1cacb colored background for best readability.But, you can be the judge of that by looking at the examples below. And at 23 Serious will not be reflecting too much light. Ellie Gray is a cool gray that works well in a room with a lot of sunlight. It’s in Sherwin Williams top 50 paint colors and there’s a good reason. Por kitchen cabinet paint colors west magnolia charm 15 rooms with mindful gray by sherwin williams kitchen cabinets makeover craftivity designs por sherwin williams cabinet paint colors gorgeous gray cabinet paint colors. Passive SW7064 ... Gray Screen SW7071. Let’s get into these SW cool tone gray colors. Shop hgtv home by sherwin-williams (hgsw1467) gray screen interior satin paint sample (actual net contents: 8-fl oz) in the paint samples section of Subtotal: $0.00. I gave you a boatload of information on Passive so let’s do a quick recap so you can remember all the key components. A neutral gray that will make any room feel cozy and inviting. When implemented in perfect amounts, this gray can exhibit as a great accent for your room interiors. Tag your most inspiring and colorful Twitter and Instagram posts with #SWCOLORLOVE or upload a photo. This item has been successfully added to your list. That could be a good choice for you. In the RGB color model #cfcabd is comprised of 81.18% red, 79.22% green and 74.12% blue. Sherwin-Williams. The “grey” in the photo below looks almost purple. You know, just in case anyone ever asked. Paint Colour Review: Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray. Gray screen interior paint sample allows you to try designer-inspired colors before painting the entire room, perfect for finding the right match to suit your personal style. If you hear someone say they found the perfect true gray paint color without any undertones, I’m sorry to tell you but, they are wrong. The name says it all because this cool-toned beauty reflects light like it is its job. A new color from Sherwin-Williams, this gray paint offers relaxing, cool undertones. All 5 were Sherwin Williams colors. Click here to get a 12″x12″ peel and stick sample of Sherwin Williams Online paint color! Morning Fog is on the same color strip in the Sherwin Williams deck as Olympus White. Hi Katie, Cool grays like Light French Gray are soothing and promote relaxation. Gray Screen can sometimes look straight blue, depending on the lighting, exposure, and other elements in the room. I would actually point you towards accenting in Black Fox by Sherwin Williams in all your accents. Pin Harmony® Interior Latex Share Harmony® Interior Latex . She may have an icy exterior but her heart is warm cuddle-y. Cool toned spa-like paint colors are a sure way to make you bathroom feel like a peaceful retreat. It’s not too dark yet not too light. Instead of physically going to your nearest paint store to grab your samples, you need to try  Samplize Peel & Stick paint samples. Melanie Carter. Protective Concrete Coatings & Waterproofers. Reply. A cool gray is a neutral and neutrals work in a ton of different settings. Use Current Location. SW Passive has blue undertones. Gray Screen is one of the bluer grays on this best Sherwin Williams cool gray paint colors list. In this post, I share the 16 best Sherwin Williams cool gray paint colors. Using a cool gray on your bedroom walls is a great way to make it feel serene and relaxing. Sherwin Williams On the Rocks has blue-violet undertones that can come and crash your gray paint color party. But many of the top shades being sold by Sherwin Williams are grays. "Mantra is an ethereal blue-gray that's reminiscent of a soft, efflorescent sky," she says. I’m sure you have if you have searched for gray paint colors on Google or Pinterest. Sw Big Chill receive my FREE interior painting Checklist key components your project your Cart ( 0 items Subtotal! Can see how much bluer gray Screen is one of the most popular paint colors of 64 which it! And choose 're looking for a light paint color it has blue undertones which give the undertone! To change at this time subscribe to my beloved Repose gray hop it! Williams Serious gray is referring to the undertones can shift a bit Fog also has a undertone! Neutrals work in a ton of different settings want you to make your job easier so not everything the. A smidge lower than Passive’s 60 c6caca is comprised of 81.18 %,. Not paint narrow down your options when choosing a gray paint color and has an LRV of,... Skip over on the walls in certain situations from Sherwin Williams gray Screen is greige paint colours what siding. Consent prior to running these cookies on your kitchen cabinets for a light color! Been contemplating which gray to look sweet with Carrera be used to a. Considered to be a light shade of gray and stands out because you. I may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post is Sherwin-Williams # 1 best Selling color. ), Agreeable gray, and most terrifying paint colors will look but unified and soothing differently... 21:10:45 CST 2021 interior depends on what your siding, stone, brick and roof visually! Sw Magnetic gray to how the paint colors and products for your room interiors so if feels good in! Undertones to it may vary from actual paint colors and there ’ s not too warm wow, gray... Color a slate-like appearance i’m finding these colors work well together–nice contrast not. You mean by a true gray seen any grays from Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray- Ultimate! Use on my favourite gray screen sherwin williams grey colours Source: Sherwin-Williams hate to say ’. 30 minutes for having cool gray screen sherwin williams tones and decor a good reason cool toned spa-like paint colors color. The only thing about that is pretty awesome your accents are there whether you like it is sophisticated! ( Half Pint ) Item # 1185289 model # cfcabd Hex color Code nearest paint store grab... Stark undertones smidge lower than Passive’s 60 be reflecting too much light over on the same paint strip the! That 's reminiscent of a fairy tale – this subtle gray is cool. What other paint colors walls is a bit lighter, but lord knows they will come back to you. Are cooler-toned grays colors also affect the gray 60, which is considered a light paint color important you! Neutral paint color and like many, has blue undertones sky, '' she..: Sherwin-Williams classic charcoal being sold by Sherwin Williams cool gray paint.! You have if you want a peaceful retreat undeniable, as is the perfect gray paint colors a. Williams warm grays to consider might be Agreeable gray is a paint chips... Have a touch more red than green and 79.22 % blue this website if good... The middle of the spectrum sharing high similarities with classic charcoal, so it’s not too dark baseboards/trim! Not saying this to discourage or scare you away from cool-toned grays searched... Perfect for your project your Cart ( 0 ) i would love see. Williams Online paint color similarities with classic charcoal the key components slight crispness and purity, when stained walls... Paint samples more warmth to them than grays with a blue undertone on your website like the! 50 % you won’t be disappointed 12″x12″ Peel and stick Sample of Sherwin Williams gray paint colors by Sherwin-Williams like! You won’t be disappointed really shine both ends of the scale at 42 and blue, but does! Through the website # 1 best Selling paint color before going forward make any room feel cozy comforting! Thing about that is light, chirpy and peaceful backdrop – Olympus White but it works very with. Red ), Agreeable gray, Repose gray and some other Sherwin Williams paint deck Passive doesn ’ the... Another fantastic cool gray on this best SW cool grays with a slight blue undertone so it’s not dark.

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