why do i feel suffocated in ac


I need air . I feel like I am choking. I probably trashed our coats but this was a small price to pay for my sanity. I don’t have a fear of confined places or anything like that but I just have this breathing there’s not enough air for me to breathe in when I’m in stuffy places and when my body temperature rises above the room temperature. I have to take Codeine and Paracetamol daily (Fibromyalgia and restless legs). I really like having fresh air. I remember the beads of sweat rolling down my face and the surging panic inside my chest. My problems discussed with my neuro doctor and gave me cipralex 10mg for 3 month before bedtime and gradually continue til 6 month, at first i had this palpitation but get used to it. When a panic attack starts, I use distraction, avoidance or knowing the simple fact that it will pass shortly, to get thru it. I need it directly hitting my face but I’m often conflicted. And i stand up to get a cool area. Magnetic Repulsion. Just remember, what you spray may negatively affect those around you (or even send them to the hospital! Hello everyone! I hope things get better for u and wish me luck!. We leased a property with master bedroom having only one window facing sunny side. I hope that someday I’ll just grow out of it, but if this keeps happening to me into adulthood, I’m going to ask my doctor about it. A hot car is the worst. Does it ever go away? When I went to bed, I pulled more than one blanket over myself because it was cold in the bedroom and I knew it would be very cold overnight. Especially since there was no air conditioning. But when thinking about lying in a little tube, a great fear came over me by surprise so I accepted the prescription. Also, I would NEVER recommend Xanax or any other benzodiazepine to someone with breathing trouble since they are POTENT central nervous system and respiratory depressants. I will wake up in the middle of the night and I will feel fine for a few seconds, then suddenly- it’s like every pore in my skin has closed! Wow this is intetesting, Ive been having these problems as well twice on a bus and even in open air situations. I know how some of you feel but I been feeling this for a few years but most of the time when I driving I feel like I get really hot and feel like its hard to breath I really dont know what it is I need some answers what is it. Sometimes it just hits me if I’m doing something which gets my adrenalin going (for example recently I was playing a game, I came up to a perceived hard part (turns out it wasn’t) but I had to go to my bed for about half an hour, just to wind down from it and try it again. There is just something about the super tiny space and knowing you can’t go ANYwhere. While driving, we have the ac on, but when stopping for gas, I absolutely have to step out and feel air circulating. Still trying to figure it out …….. Wow, I didn’t even know that I might be claustrophobic until I saw this. It was extremely HOT and uncomfortable. Just a few minutes had past and I experienced a sudden increase in heart rate, feeling of suffocation, and I was about to panic that when I had to interrupt the meeting and ask them to on the AC. Sometimes I just hurry out bc I get dizzy and I HAVE to lay down in the cool air under my fan. I get all this but this is not just claustropic stuff, mine is physical have no anxiety of tight places etc.. most of these people aren’t, my AC has to be on 74 all year long above that I do choke, stuffy just slam hot… like outside in 100 degrees argue all the time with hubby who Dr. says he can warm up I can’t cool down.. end! And sometimes I go into my med stash. Feel as if I can’t breathe in confined spaces..even in big spaces. My most recent was last night, when my husband and I were out to dinner with an out-of-town relative. I live in my mind- sometimes I truly take a glance outside and it looks pretty good. Not fun. In all panic instances, I feel like I can’t heart pounds..and for some reason, the right side of my head gets instantly congested–which makes the panic even worse. As a kid I would always get myself out of a trapping situation,(getting my hand stuck or not being able to scratch me back when needed) I would get myself out asap. It is debilitating and really starting to affect my quality of life. My best mate and others i have met also find cool/cold air helps. I thought I was going crazy and people around me feels I am crazy. This trapped feeling happened to me twice on overnight train rides, too. However, I’m terrified when (We joke that the next day, the people who tidied up the train would be pretty grossed out by my damp sheet.). I was so pleased to find this post. This new trip was in a minivan, packed to capacity, with the air conditioning a tiny trickle of air — just enough that you weren’t melting. related, but now not so sure about this?? THIS IS ME!!! Hospitals were the worst. Using a pill rarely, like when you are having a panic attack or terrified on an airplane, for example, doesn’t make you an addict. I get the extreme body heat. There was no way out. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. My immediate reaction is to jump up and get to an open window, and I have to pace around. The effort it takes for me to breathe and also cough up the mucus, is exhausting and overheating can become a serious issue for me. I never knew why this would happen but I think this is it. At this point, all I try to do is aromatherapy and to avoid any negative or stressful situations and persons – crowds to an extent as well. This didn’t used to happen so it’s nice to know I’m not alone. I don’t really think it’s claustrophobia for me because it’s not about the size of the room. Cleithrophobia: The fear of being enclosed. If I keep away from the chemical odors/perFumes and dust/etc, I can handle basic life with relatively few problems.. Ugh!! I hate entering the car park of a shopping mall in summer, as it is hot and still. I have the same type of problems. Last night it was 87 degrees inside at 11 pm so I actually slept outside since it was cooler and had moving air. Thought this was S.A.D. even get me started. I remember staring at her hand and the keys and trying to telepathically communicate the urgent need for her to shut the EFF up and start the damn car. I can’t believe I’m not the only one! It often happens in normal places like watching television or sitting around a table talking to friends. The blanket and all. I was about to take a two hour trip to Greenbay WI from Milwaukee. I think this is a very plausable explanation. I too had that same experience with a single-person elevator in Paris. These cookies do not store any personal information. I have slot of these similar problems. Anyway, at least I’ve found some other freaky people to make me feel a little less freakish!! Most of the time it is at night before bed, I will be so tired but have to keep sitting up and coughing thick globs of phlegm out every minute or so (sometimes more often than that!). Not only can’t I tolerate a room with no air flow, but I sweat, and turn bright red. I’m scared bc they say that zanax has long term side effects. It’s good to know I’m not the only one and to be able to share and be accepted and understood. Hi Wendy! I had occasional troubles with this but it has gotten MUCH worse. Maybe it is related to low blood pressure, but I wouldn’t want to make assumptions since I’m not a medical professional. 1. At my work ( much shorter tempers than normal, often about trivial things or even about things that dont even make sense! It had happened a little before but I didn’t pay much attention to it but in the past few months it has gotten worse. Thanks Linda! i hate this feeling this happens so often to me that i started to get anger problems because of that seriously every time i get this feeling again i just rage until i leave the room…. They purposely had me sit in the back seat, heat on high, I could not breathe, everyone yelled and screamed at me. I hate this. However I recommend this post about anxiety while flying: Im never without a bottle of water to soak my neck bamdana with water trickle down my back.! I have also noticed a few other triggers. So, I go to market at night. I feel the same way. Last night, our power went off from 6 pm to 11 pm. I may be freezing on the outside but suffocating on the inside. My co-workers are informed of my situation so if they see me getting anxious will get me outside into open air quickly (usually sending me home for the rest of the day). I grabbed my car manual and tried the doors, they opened, thank God. Its not something I can tell my brain to stop doing. Hi Susan, I can totally understand the situation you described. Once I was having a nuclear scan done and the rather large camera was located about one inch from my nose for at least 10 minutes. On one night-train ride, I did something my husband and I still laugh about. I’ve always liked cooler weather and air, especially when sleeping. I am nervous to ride in any car with the heat on. HSP Podcast #2: I Feel Suffocated by Stagnant, Warm Air, HSP Podcast #63: "I feel like I'm drowning, like I'm never caught up",, Feel Trapped In My Job | Develop My Career. I shop on the web as much as I can because I cannot bare the intense, stuck hot air in most stores. OKay, I might sound like a weird one to you guys.. I’ve always had an issue with still air.. Belly breathing helps, as does accepting the panic and trusting it will pass. I haven’t had full-on panic from feeling trapped yet, but just thinking about it makes me feel like I can’t breathe a little!! We get a few days of a slight reprieve of onshore flow and the stagnant airlessness returns with horrid heat and humidity. I don’t know if this has a name. Now I can’t. I had about 2 seconds of reasoning left before I started smashing windows out! It gets so hot and humid during summer here in Ohio that I used to feel like there is no air and I couldn’t breath and I started to panic. I tried to talk to the flight attendant, but my throat was tight and I could barely get the words out. My mind now associates the dark & silence of my surroundings with that of the trauma experienced in the operating theatre. This seems to be getting worse for me. It is such a desperate feeling. I explained to the flight attendant that the warm air on the plane was giving me a panic attack. Good idea I thought. Now that almost two years has passed, has anyone gotten better? I kind of had a panic attack recently too. I started crying and screaming and I felt like I couldn’t breathe. I live in Kentucky where the humidity is unreal. IGNITION! I absolutely know how you feel! I have to have a fan running even in winter. When I am in people’s homes and the heating is up high, I get hot and feel uncomfortable. I sat on the edge of the bed for a minute or two and feeling would not subside.. It’s so hard to describe. I'm thinking it might be related to the heart burn, but I don't think my heart burn has been serious enough to cause any other complications, though IANAD. I have learned to not do ALL the driving–though sometimes it’s tough. My heart start to beat very fast. You can get a drink at a fast food place, or fill up a glass with ice at home. 5) Did you have any relevant disease as a kid? I never thought of hormone fluctuation but it could be. We were on a road where that was not possible for at least 5 minutes. I assume it’s all because of stress, because it was the most stressful time of my life. They just don’t care. Spray bottle with cold water, wet my hair completely, and drink as much water as I can. Same at a house. I just hope that does not happen again and from now on, when I am feeling that uncomfortable, I will do something about it before it gets to that point! Plus cold air! Anyways, so all of these feelings are getting worse. ), and on the road (much more road rage than at cooler temps). This also made me think about how I can’t breathe very well when dust is around. I totally agree that under such panic attac one just want to leave that room, train, vehicle or an aeroplane.I would like to add to the list which triggers the panic attacks: But, this method doesn’t always work for me…. Sorry this was long winded and I know this was all over the place and not well worded. That is really nice and gives you this benefit of doubt of why you are feeling suffocated. I had to get up in the middle several times and just run out of the room. You are not alone. Hello, I really have issues with air movement. I’d wake up gasping for air and feeling anxious. I started to feel better as soon as I felt the air, it cooled me down. And all your reply really help me. I have to sleep with a fan on, too, but I think it is mostly for the white noise. Then I just sit in my cold room while wet with a towel on and it feels so much better. Why do i feel suffocated everytime i watch Sing Yesterday for Me Hi Tracy, thanks for the comment. Hi! You all are not alone. AIR! Last winter though we had a long drive from San Antonio back to Houston and I about froze her out of the car even with the heat on because I had to have a window cracked! Physiological symptoms (what an individual student may feel or experience) can include ( I live in Sri Lanka, and public transportation is much worse than as you mention in Thailand and the heat. I had similar things but happened in various condition. Yes, I do have a suggestion–have you spoken to a therapist or mental health professional about this? Take that and you will have more because you will get sick when you DONT have a xanax!! I have same issue! Her homeopath calls it ‘air gasping’ apparently it is linked to early shock or trauma. I felt so irrational like I was going to pull up to a stranger’s house and ask to use their restroom. It happened to me on more than one occasion!). Water in your body helps shrink those blood vessels and break up any mucas. I wake feeling trapped and can’t breath and go into a panic. I’m an administrator for a school and a teacher was talking to me about some things coming up. I’m glad that I ran up on this page I thought that I was crazy and the only one going through this. Even when I get out of a shower and start getting dressed too quickly I start to feel the nauseous, too hot feeling. Everyone knew I said if I go with them I get to ride in the front seat, they all said ok a few weeks, but this time they took alot of pride in being idiots and making me suffer. I must admit, there are times I laugh out loud at the perceived ‘ridiculousness’ of it all (I am not minimising the impact this has on me/others – it just seems ironic) – it seems my life’s work has come back for revenge! I rolled up my sleeves to expose more skin. I also remember pulling at my hair to see if I could feel it. Well, because all too often in my job as a dating coach, I hear "the coins" complain.They are being unduly gripped and feel they'll suffocate unless they get out. It’s getting pretty frustrating. I never identified as claustrophobic (or cleithrophic) before. ABSOLUTELY!!!! Does anyone else experience it when it isn’t really hot weather and it’s just a stuffy room? Identifying some sort of exit helps as does opening windows or trying to look out of any window. I had to move my chair to another door and open it about 1/2 an inch to feel better. does this mean anything? I carry a fan attachment for my iPhone with me. Before learning about HSP I seriously thought I was the only person who’d ever felt like this. Why do we feel suffocated in a closed room if something is burning there 1 See answer dastagiri65 is waiting for your help. i struggle to breathe when i’m in an enclosed car or in a high bed! I am certain anxiety and oxygen are directly correlated. Like you said, plan ahead of time and do whatever works for you!! I’m tired. I might just need to start carrying a folding fan in my purse- I can say I’m trying to bring back the style of the Victorian era. They can help you talk though things, see things in a different perspective, and give you tips and tools to help with feeling trapped. Claustrophobia is about confined spaces–not sure if that’s the same thing you are experiencing. I had to excuse myself from the restaurant and walk a few laps outside. The next step, in my mind only, is that if I feel like I can’t escape the situation, then I just need to go to sleep right where I am. I much prefer to be cold than hot. aarrgghh , Totally understand. I have the same symptoms, it’s worst for me in malls cars anywhere I go I have to have circular air all the time without that I get anxiety followed by panic attack it has totally ruind my life. I have been having that feeling for some time now I don’t like to be hot, I always have a fan on me. I have had this condition for years since menopause and HRT (transdermal yam based bioidentical) has stopped it dead for me. We had sessions in a very tightly packed room. They did blood work, urine, IV’s and an EKG. At first I thought it was caused by anxiety or hot flashes, but this predated both of those conditions. Once it sets in, it tends to spiral out of control. And in Disney World in June I sometimes feel like I am melting. I travel around 250,000 miles/year on business travel. As i grew up i have hated being hot, physically and also hot humid air. I also keep my purse nearby so I can fidget through it and not scream”stop the car!” when I’m not driving. What situations have given you this feeling? A few months ago I started getting very very uncomfortable in still air, and it has definitely become worse over time. OpenSubtitles2018.v3. I have felt this way since I was a child. Constantly sniffing to clear my nose. Stuffy hot room, no air, fan not working.I had to beg the nurses to open window. I’ve never thought about it that it is ME who is with the problem. Again, the car a/c saved me from complete panic. Last week I drove about 150 miles from Dana Point to Burbank and back for a very important interview. I would always look to a physical cause 1st, before assuming something is all-in-the-head. After working in my garage for an hour tonight, I started having trouble breathing and contributed it to the raised temperature today (80 degrees F.) and the mouse residue/farming chemicals being more volatile in warmer weather. Why does this happen? I don’t think of it as a claustophobia either. I pray to God that Fall will be here asap. I didn’t calm down until I was in my car with the a/c blasting on me. Most people just don’t understand and think you are being dramatic, delusional or psychosomatic. And, are panicking from the lack of understanding of whats happening to them instead of mental-issues. But about 1 flight out of every 20 or so that I take, it’s hot and stuffy, and I have found that high temperature, still/non-moving air, and people blocking my path to an exit (or aisle) are the triggers for me, regardless of whether it’s an elevator, plane, bus, etc. I would never give medical advice, but I thought I’d also mention that I was on a medication for SO long that actually caused other symptoms that created other problems in my life. I have tried therapies and anxiety med’s and so far nothing helps other than avoidance. Last night I experienced my first panic attack and I literally DID think I was dying. So, I have gained empathy for people who are claustrophobic. So glad to know I’m not the only one! I am still looking for a reason. I can open the shower door for cool air and it helps. Realising others have this feeling too is a BIG help. Does anybody have a way cheap and simple device to measure the air, oxygen quality in a room? Favourite answer. Just wanted to identify w/you all as this is a real concern in my life & I pray that we will all overcome this madness. I prayed for the light to turn green and pulled into the 1st shopping center to my right and literally ran with my girls into a restaurant and it took me 30 minutes to cool down drinking lots of ice water. I’m going to lose my mind if this doesn’t change soon. But it’s getting worse. I’m not sure if there’s a medical name for it…Do you think it could be anxiety-related? ..I wish there was something out there that could help us all–permanently. I swear my breathing problems only happen at certain times of the day. side effects of someone addicted, cold sweats,body ache, some have diariah, vomiting,.. There’s lots but those first 2 are the worst!!! I have exact same problem. It’s sad. I was so disorientated. I’m happy you like this blog! If it wasn’t for the lung problems, I would have been perfectly fine sweating my bum off and continuing to work on the wooden shelves in the hot garage with still air. I can also relate to this. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. and thing is i LIVE in thailand… its so humid if you ever go a day in summer without a/c = dead. I’m glad finding this post helped you a bit. Maybe that will help. I’ve experienced similar experiences myself and it’s frightening when it happens; feeling like I can’t breathe properly. I would fell some what at ease knowing somebody else felt the same way I DID with SOME WHAT, the SAME things I’m feeling that way for… Its a TERRIFING FEELING and TO ME A FEELING OF DEATH!!!

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