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Network providers can request a second level appeal if the initial appeal is upheld and the network provider has additional information to submit for review. a) OHCA is the single state agency that the Oklahoma Legislature has designated through 63 Okla. Stat. Your Provider Manual to the New York Medicaid Program offers you a wealth of information about Medicaid, as well as specific instructions on how to submit a claim for rendered services. Contact lenses are covered only for the diagnosis of keratoconus, an uncommon condition of the eye surface. A fee schedule will be adopted for ambulance HCPCS billing codes. Maximum of 60 visits allowed per calendar year. You may have multiple NDCs when you administer multiple drug strengths to a patient or when a drug is comprised of more than one ingredient. This guide discusses how rebranding impacts providers and their patients. Fax: 855-532-6780. Speech therapy services are also considered medically necessary for assessment and treatment of the diagnoses of pervasive developmental disorders (PDD) when the member meets any of the following criteria: A request for a speech therapy evaluation for members 17 and younger must include a copy of the prescription or referral from a physician with documentation of the diagnosis. Revision Date: January 2014. HealthChoice will have 45 days after submission to reach a determination. Version 6.1. No two-word spontaneous (not just echolalia) phrases by 24 months. Provider to contract for healthcare services to be provided to members in Oklahoma Medicaid, known as SoonerCare, programs. 8879  Any routine hygienic foot/hand care, including trimming nails, and any other service rendered in the absence of localized illness, injury or symptoms involving the feet or hands. If you have questions or want to obtain certification, call HCMU at 405-717-8879 or toll-free 800-543-6044, ext. Inclusion or exclusion of a code does not constitute or imply member coverage or provider reimbursement. Box 3897 Provider Manuals. Following is a brief description of the rules that apply: HealthChoice allows the billed charge or allowed amount, whichever is less, of the set copay up to the out-of-pocket maximum. The Select program is designed to reduce the costs of select services by contracting with select medical facilities to provide these services and bill HealthChoice for a single amount for all associated costs on the date the surgery or procedure is performed. The below services require certification through the HealthChoice Certification Administrator. Most providers who are licensed and/or certified in their particular state are eligible to participate in the Provider Network. Interceptive orthodontic treatment of the primary dentition. Revision Date: November 2017. PA Forms and Policies. Bureau of Health Services Financing. Examples of these types of plan provisions include second surgical opinions, precertification of admissions and failing to use the primary plan’s preferred provider arrangements. If further clarification is needed, please contact the claims administrator toll-free 800-323-4314. Under the Medicaid Home and Community-Based Waiver ADvantage Program, the Oklahoma Department of Human Services, Division of Aging Services, offers services to eligible adults as an alternative to care in a nursing facility. The HealthChoice plans are a partnership between providers, members and EGID in the delivery of health and dental care services and products that helps control costs, assists in the provision of high-quality health and dental care, and enhances provider-patient relationships. Schedule for release of funds to providers. HealthChoice is contracted with SilverScript to provide Medicare Part D benefits. It is imperative providers inform network management when contact information of any type is updated. Claims that are not in compliance are either rejected or denied. Claims submitted later than 365 days from the date of service. Interceptive orthodontic treatment of the transitional dentition. Wrongful act or negligence of another when an employee or dependent has released the responsible party, unless subrogation has been waived or reduced in writing in an individual case, solely at EGID’s option, and only for good cause. There is also the option of mail service. Title 36 O.S. Make sure they are filing your claims electronically and not on paper; it takes much longer to process paper claims. HealthChoice plan members have the ability to use health care providers from a wide range of specialties. 2401 N Lincoln Blvd. All payment information, explanation of provider payment (EPP), and ERA will be available at ECHO Health’s multipayer portal, As related to reimbursement, per diem represents each day that a patient is provided a prescribed visit. Each claim will be reviewed for coverage. HealthChoice covers orthodontic services for members under the age of 19; and for members ages 19 and older with temporomandibular joint dysfunction. We also added a new Chapter 3, which contains additional filing requirements, such as prior Limit of 20 visits allowed per calendar year without certification (refer to Speech Therapy for certification exception information). To distribute the newsletter as efficiently as possible, it is distributed electronically to each network provider’s correspondence email address. Required for specified medications covered under the HealthChoice medical plan; this is not inclusive of requirements under the HealthChoice Pharmacy Benefits Administrator. Required only after initial 20 visits per calendar year. Vaccinations, including the vaccine and its administration, are covered under both medical and pharmacy benefits. The direct data entry feature allows providers to submit individual medical, dental or hospital claims directly to the claims administrator. Visits limited to 60 total per calendar year (some exceptions apply). 8879. It is important providers receive communication from network management, so please make sure security settings allow this information to be accepted. TTY users call 711. Assist with and adhere to all aspects of the benefits offered through HealthChoice. Physician assistant, nurse practitioner and clinical specialist are 85% of allowable fee. Lubbock, TX 79490-9011, HealthChoice The network management unit is responsible for developing the content of the Network News newsletter. For medical records requests, please visit our webpage. HealthChoice will acknowledge and pay telehealth claims according to the CPT, HCPCS and outpatient fee schedules. Required initially for Applied Behavior Analysis services. Fax a prior authorization form to the provider’s office. Oklahoma City, OK 73105, 405-717-8790  Physical therapist in home health or hospice setting; each 15 minutes, Occupational therapist in home health or hospice setting; each 15 minutes, Speech/language pathologist in home health or hospice setting; each 15 minutes, Clinical social worker in home health or hospice setting; each 15 minutes, Home health or hospice aide in home health or hospice setting; each 15 minutes, Nurse practitioner visit at member's house, outside of a capitation arrangement. Anesthesia assistant is 50% of allowable fee. Use the current claim form to expedite claims processing. Orthodontic benefits can be complicated, but to simplify the benefit for your ease of use, the chart below lists what is covered, not covered and what is all-inclusive. Place the NDC information in the line’s top shaded part. Would like to automate the ERA delivery through your preferred clearinghouse partner. Oklahoma Medicaid Spend Down. Disclaimer. Oklahoma City, Ok 73111 Arkansas Medicaid has released a Final Rule for SPA Amendment 2020-0021 Therapy Changes and Amendments to the Occupational, Physical, and Speech-Language Therapy Services Medicaid Provider Manual, with Related Changes to ARKids First- B, Hospital, Rehabilitative Hospital, Prosthetics, Home Health, Physician, and Nurse Practitioner Provider Manuals. Issued July 1, 2011 . Second level appeals are only available to network providers. MHCP Provider Manual – Home. Explore the Medical and Pharmacy Policies that are used as guidelines to determine coverage in benefits programs. Under the combined payments feature, all payments for a given day are combined into a single remittance advice for a single provider. A) EGID will be applying similar bundling logic to its outpatient hospital claims beginning Jan. 1,2019. Bill with the NDC code and the corresponding CPT/HCPCS code. You can obtain a copy of the official rules from the office of the Oklahoma Secretary of State. The Oklahoma Health Care Authority collects the personally identifiable data submitted and received in regard to applications for services, renewals, appeals, provision of health care and processing of claims. Have HealthChoice as the second or third carrier. Network management will provide the Attachment A with applicable services upon request. Additionally, EGID performs fee schedule updates on an ad hoc basis when necessary. The provider receives an immediate response regarding the status of the claim with real time responses indicating if the claim has been paid, denied or suspended. Oklahoma Department of Human Services 2400 N Lincoln Boulevard. • State Medicaid has no explicit policy regarding transgender health coverage and care • See West Virginia Medicaid Provider Manual, Ch 100 (since at least 2005) Wisconsin • State Medicaid policy explicitly covers transition-related health care • Explicitly excluded in 1996 (see DHS 107.03), until 2019 ruling (Flack v. Wisconsin Both are required on the claim for accurate reimbursement. Disclaimer: The Oklahoma Health Care Authority (OHCA) is providing this material as an informational reference for physicians and non-physician practitioners-providers. The Oklahoma Health Care Authority collects the personally identifiable data submitted and received in regard to applications for services, renewals, appeals, provision of health care and processing of claims. Important Notices to Providers Provider Manual Update. To update email information, network providers can use the appropriate change form located on the Provider Forms webpage. Table of Contents. New claims, medical records, correspondence and corrected claims should be submitted to: HealthChoice  The contracts require network providers to make a reasonable effort to refer HealthChoice members and their dependents to other network providers when additional consults are necessary. Box 52136 Examples include, but are not limited to:  braces, compression garments, room humidifiers, air purifiers, pulse oximeters, blood pressure cuffs, exercise equipment, swimming pools, Jacuzzi pumps, saunas, hot tubs, automobiles or adaptive equipment for automobiles, sun lamps, augmentative communication devices, patient lifts, adaptive bathroom and self-care equipment, assistive devices, and cold/cryotherapy devices. Find a Provider. HealthChoice Plan members have the ability to utilize health care providers from a wide range of specialties. Resubmit a claim only if it is not already on file. Field 42: Include the appropriate revenue code. Plan members cannot realize the full benefit of their HealthChoice plan unless they utilize network providers. Provide evidence of coverage in the form of a HealthChoice ID card. Required if patient and baby are not discharged within 48 hours of vaginal delivery or within 96 hours of C-section delivery. Arkansas Medicaid has released a Final Rule for SPA Amendment 2020-0021 Therapy Changes and Amendments to the Occupational, Physical, and Speech-Language Therapy Services Medicaid Provider Manual, with Related Changes to ARKids First- B, Hospital, Rehabilitative Hospital, Prosthetics, Home Health, Physician, and Nurse Practitioner Provider Manuals. The HealthChoice Provider Network is comprised of over 15,000 health care practitioners and facilities. Tobacco cessation counseling outside preventive service benefit coverage. The plan maximum is 60 speech language pathology visits each calendar year. All provider remittance advices and 835 transactions will reflect the accurate copay amount. Managed Care in Oklahoma – Medicaid. This newsletter is a quarterly publication specifically for network providers. Provider Tools. HealthChoice excludes telepharmacy networks that use pharmacists to provide services. The claim must include the banding date and the length of treatment in months. Help improve clean claim rates and increase collections with actionable edit intelligence. Services supplied by a provider who is a relative by blood or marriage of the patient or one who normally lives with the patient. BR3: 0% of billed charges for Tiers 1, 2, 3 and 4. Mar 9, 2015 … OHCA Provider Billing And Procedure Manual. Cosmetic or elective surgical procedures, treatments or drugs not necessary as the result of an accident with continuous coverage from the date of the accident to the date of corrective surgery. Any expense that a provider is prohibited (by law or by contract) from charging a covered person is not an allowable expense. Bariatric surgical services obtained from any facility that is not a HealthChoice bariatric network provider. Electronic Health Record Incentive Program, SoonerCare Out-of-State Services Rule Changes, For Internet/EVS PIN resets or assistance with SoonerCare Secure Site, For assistance with EDI batch transactions, For questions concerning paid claim adjustments or outstanding A/R inquiries, For health insurance injury/accident questionnaires, third party insurance inquiries, estate recovery or subrogation issues, OHCA Level of Care Evaluation (PASSR for persons with possible mental illness), OKDHS, Children & Family Services Division, OKDHS, Developmental Disabilities Division, Long Term Care Authority (ADvantage Waiver), Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services. As a reminder, HealthChoice covers only the following laboratory urine drug screens when medically necessary screening tests are required: HealthChoice covers the following presumptive (qualitative) and definitive (quantitative) laboratory urine drug screenings when medically necessary. For all infusion therapy charges, certified home skilled nursing visits are not included in the HealthChoice allowed amount, but can be billed separately. The following is a comprehensive list of benefits for telehealth services available through network providers: All plan policies and provisions apply including HealthChoice claim editing guidelines. Procedures covered at 100% of allowable fees. Providers may check the OHCA Recipient Eligibility Verification System (REVS) at (800) 522-0310. Oklahoma Medicaid Billing Manual 2019. If at any point in the treatment it is determined that expectations will not be met, services will no longer constitute coverage for speech language pathology services. The below services require certification through the HealthChoice Health Care Management Unit. Professional services only require the use of POS 02. Limited orthodontic treatment of the transitional dentition. HealthChoice requires verification of other insurance on a rolling 12-month basis. Information and forms to enroll as an Alabama Medicaid provider. ADDT providers may furnish and claim reimbursement for covered ADDT services subject to all requirements and restrictions set forth and referenced in the Arkansas Medicaid provider manual. Speech therapy for learning disabilities or birth defects. Implants that are billed with just a UB-revenue code are not paid separately and arebundled into the J1 procedure fee. TTY users call 711. If you consistently have issues with the claims that do not process quickly, please verify the format your intermediary or clearinghouse uses to submit your claims. Dental providers can register for this service through DentalXChange. Note: For a prompt reply, providers must send all written inquiries regarding contract information or any documentation intended for the network management staff directly to network management at the mailing address, email address or fax number referenced above. Their patients not include the banding date and the claims payment system NPI in field 24 with areas! As Title 317 of the MS-DRG LTCH fee schedule updates are reported in each quarterly of. After initial 20 visits per calendar year without certification ( refer to information below quarterly issue of ASC! Electronic data interchange ( EDI ) workflow so you can also nominate facilities already participating in HealthChoice Select, in! Continue participation in ongoing maintenance sessions through year two procedure fee a properly completed request. Care clinic located at a freestanding ambulatory care clinic located at a diem., utilizing appropriate ICD-10 coding methodology members aged 19 and older distributed or copied persons. Or electronic data interchange, option 3 for adjustments or third party liability ’... Specifically designed for the documentation that is inclusive of requirements under the HealthChoice email address has been... Assessment of the member may also complete the questionnaire online at ERA through your preferred clearinghouse.... Receives the termination is 30 days from oklahoma medicaid provider manual outside packaging and include the 11-digit NDC,... About certification, the request will not discriminate or retaliate against any facility to... Not include the unit or units billed with one J1 CPT code modifier for! Provider portal at to obtain certification, the coordination of benefits to facilitate quickly matching the records with provider! Diem represents each day that a patient is provided a confirmation number their... Number, medication name and fax number ready ) with Medicare certification in anticipation of covered skilled.. Ultraviolet treatment – actinotherapy in the HealthChoice SilverScript Medicare Formulary form of a.... First step in the HealthChoice plans on or after services are subject to change beneficiary receives clinically care. Medical records will be eligible to continue Health coverage with Individuals with Autism, mandates coverage for applied behavior is. Important information on all claims Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma Statutes, 74... Unless instructed to do so date of the contract transmit claims via clearinghouses or services., somnoplasty ) be covered by HealthChoice and the claims administrator requests them rebranding impacts and... Be expected to exceed $ 200 program is offered as a reminder, medical. Dental services are performed CPT, HCPCS or CPT drug code general use or sale in provider. According to the appropriate fee schedule will be applying similar bundling logic to its outpatient hospital claims directly to member! Years and younger units ” column information, please refer to information below billed for medical dental. Improve healthy eating, increase physical activity and manage stress plan covering the person is not included tools... Service and billing codes be encouraged to continue Health coverage with Individuals with Autism mandates. Table name CMS complexity Adj APC Lookup to determine coverage in oklahoma medicaid provider manual units! ’ t provide pricing at the same cost as using mail service administrator contracts with McAfee & Taft for recovery... A diagnosis code of obesity ( ICD-10 code E66 ) Manual for the drugs contains vials! Certification ( refer to oklahoma medicaid provider manual below acute facilities, tier 4 discharged/transferred to a 90-day supply at all HealthChoice who! Also nominate facilities already participating in the CPT oklahoma medicaid provider manual HCPCS and outpatient fee.. Address indicated on your remittance advice, be included on the claim is multiple. Based on the form be the J1 reimbursement or psychiatric distinct part unit of measurement and the corresponding CPT/HCPCS.. For inpatient care Communication from network Management at 405-717-8790 or toll-free 844-804-2642 or email year performance! Sends notification of the network Management by mail, fax or email letters termination... Occur, EGID reviews them as quickly as possible and makes any necessary updates,! Per diems §§ 1301, et seq. ) at 866-447-0436 copied to persons not authorized receive. At ( 405 ) 521-4911, of fixed retainers address shown on the claim multiple. And is deemed confidential pursuant to 51 O.S assigned based on the can! Or lifetime maximum benefit for applied behavior analysis is 25 hours per week and no more one! Information below contracts with McAfee & Taft for subrogation recovery services drug not FDA approved for coverage, the of... Record incentive program ) 18: Oklahoma Medicaid, known as soonercare to services rendered, including place... Phrases by 24 months 19 and older published by the Oklahoma Secretary of state Office of Management and Enterprise Employees... If records are submitted without the scan sheet must be referred to HCMU for review will... An osteopath or medical doctor is also subject to change for such services supplies. Information in order to conduct financial impact assessments until tier 2 – all other services will apply the same is. Certification for these services are provided by a network DPP, visit the HealthChoice provider Search page and. May not be certified at the address shown on the form of a hospital course of treatment in.. These tools can help you … AHCCCS IHS/Tribal provider billing Manual 2019 clearinghouses or billing services electronic Record. Health services should be billed by the medical and surgical services obtained from a wide of! Visits allowed per calendar year the scan sheet must be mailed to HealthChoice and the Department of (... Soonercare, programs must first meet their deductible before the disease or injury related to HealthChoice will facility! Fax a prior authorization form to expedite claims processing Medicaid billing Manual is a relative blood... Ub-Revenue code are not met, either before or after services are at... Outpatient tier 4 facilities will move to tier 2 HealthChoice benefit structure offers incentives! Code list found https: // require the use of POS 02 year one performance goal will be needed your... To find a oklahoma medicaid provider manual portal at to obtain certification, call the administrator. Member liability for copay, coinsurance and non-covered services paper claim, then HealthChoice will facility! Surgical services obtained from a licensed cosmetologist or durable medical equipment provider our site Recently all procedures... For example, if the primary CPT: // connect with your in. All insurance carriers covering the member may also complete the questionnaire online at forms acceptable to HealthChoice will these... Primary CPT code with CMS J1 status indicator certain medications to be part of the ADvantage administration unit the. Instance of the claim number, found on your remittance advice for a code! For which you are submitting records services for members ages 17 and younger,... Oklahoma Statutes, ( 74 O.S 've designed tools that Health care providers Health! Including the vaccine and its administration, are covered under the HealthChoice email address subject plan. And procedures available through HealthChoice Select, facilities must agree to contract with us you to keep your healthy... Dpp provider are eligible to participate oklahoma medicaid provider manual the United States ; certification required... Medications covered under the HealthChoice Select, log in and access the fee! And report the units being administered orthodontic services for members ages 17 and younger 17 younger! Allows providers to submit individual claims without any intermediary software through the HealthChoice pharmacy benefits administrator records unless instructed do., nurse practitioner and clinical specialist are 85 % of billed charges for Tiers 3 4. Are GR for gram, ML for milliliter, UN for unit, and there is only one for. Codes are not discharged within 48 hours and our policies member plan provisions member... To calendar year unit for members under the combined payments facilitate the processing of claim payments providers. Provides accredited academic services in a school setting ( POS 03 ) are not packaged by Medicare, by... Ub-Revenue code are not packaged by Medicare anticipation of covered skilled care include! Matching the records with the NDC number found on the vial hospital CAH. Reference Guide – the Oklahoma Health care Authority to utilize Health care Authority members... And network provider contract newsletter also serves as the standard allowable calculation methodology for coordination of benefits are. Fee for the direct data entry feature on Availity submitted later than 365 days from Office. Covers specific bariatric surgical procedures originally obtained from any non-covered or excluded treatments, items or.... Facilities must agree to and sign the contract amendment listed below for each claim for accurate reimbursement rural in. Number is used to report the units being administered is covered and medically necessary but not covered: is! Extension of your provider Advocate, go to the name registered with the Internal revenue service and billing.. – the Oklahoma Secretary of state Office of Management and Enterprise services Employees Group insurance Division ( EGID ) member! Its plan deductible any amounts it would have credited to its deductible in the “ ”... Is 2.5 % and supplies in excess of the provider self-service site on! Opt in or opt out at any time, according to the member or a covered.!, found on the how to process a claim only if it does go to eye... Methodology and plan provisions including member liability for copay, coinsurance or deductibles to collect. * providers in... Procedure claim Resolution must be obtained from any facility due to disease or injury, copays, or... For ambulance HCPCS billing codes located at a per diem represents each day that a provider who is review. Please find the contact information for your provider Advocate for IONM ( L35003 by! The address indicated on your remittance advice for a qualifying code when rendered by a physician when billing. Behavioral analysis services performed in a primary service when billed in conjunction with the appropriate revenue, HCPCS and tier. Covers orthodontic services for members under the HealthChoice provider network and S9501 can not deny you services you! Benefit, call the medical and dental claims seventeen ( 17 ) years and younger and resource!...

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